Selected Articles

"Sanctuary Activists Say Trump Targeting Them After ICE Detains Second Immigrant Leader," The Village Voice, Jan. 2018

"In Fear of Deportation: Five Hours That Can Make or Break a Family's Future,"  The Guardian, December 2017

"My Month with Chemtrails Conspiracy Theorists," The Guardian, May 2017 

"The Emperor's New Corsets," The Baffler, March 2017 

"Ten Easy Encryption Tips for Warding Off Hackers, the US Government—and Russia," Quartz, January 2017

"A Visit to the CIA's 'Secret' Abstract Art Collection," Hyperallergic, October 2016

"A Child's Guide to Squatting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art," Hyperallergic, October 2016

"How a Pro-Choice Movement in Ireland is Changing the Way Women Campaign for Reproductive Rights," Quartz, Sept. 2016

"What to Eat for Breakfast If You Want to Live Forever," Extra Crispy, July 2016

"Looking for Love on Wydr, the 'Tinder for Buying Art," Hyperallergic, July 2016

"In the Vale of Cashmere: Prospect Park's Hidden World of Gay Cruising," Hyperallergic, Oct. 2015

"The Lucha Libre Wrestlers of the Bronx," Hopes and Fears, Dec. 2015

"A Guide to the Psychics, Shamans, and Tarot Readers of Brooklyn," Brooklyn Magazine, July 2015

"Zen and the Art of the Juggalo," Fast Company, Dec. 2014

"The Changing Face of Satan, From 1500 to Today," Fast Company, Aug. 2014

"The Best of Fritz Kahn, Grandfather of Data Visualization," Fast Company, Nov. 2013

"The Greatest Hits of Vanity Fair Correspondent T.D. Allman," Vanity Fair, April 2013

Selected Interviews

"Destigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church and Beyond," Folks, June 2016

"Brooklyn's Leading Psychonaut on Hallucinogens, Therapy, and 'Glowing Orb Mounds,'" Brooklyn Magazine, Aug. 2015

"How Legendary Illustrator Maira Kalman Stays Creative," Fast Company, April 2015

"The 'Dark Side of the Moon' Cover Designer on the Making of Iconic Rock Album Art," Fast Company, Dec. 2014

Selected Reviews

"Two Painters Seek 'A Sense of Something Holy' In Abstraction," Hyperallergic, Nov. 2015

"All in the Smooth, White, Vacant-Eyed Family of Contemporary Figurative Sculpture," Hyperallergic, Jul. 2016

"Butterfly Ovaries and Cockroach Stomachs: Microphotographs As Art," Hyperallergic, May 2016

"Waiting to Pee in 'America,' the Gold Toilet at the Guggenheim," Hyperallergic, Sept. 2016

Selected Profiles

Illustrator Raymond Bonilla, Communication Arts, July 2016

"Finding Healing in Snail Mucus and K-Pop," Folks, May 2016